A Message from Mr. Escareno…

Happy New Year and welcome back to all our T-Bird family! I hope everyone had a joyous holiday break, and are ready to come back refreshed and energized for what promises to be another successful semester.

I want to thank everyone for your continued support of our school. Our strong PTSA is one of the cornerstones of our success, and without you, our efforts to provide opportunities for our students would be greatly diminished.

As you know, Spring semester is testing season. We will focus on preparing our students in the tested areas in order to prepare them to not only pass the EOCs, but to reach mastery level. I encourage all students to take advantage of Homework Haven and other tutoring opportunities, and to utilize their time wisely as they prepare.

A few updates for the Spring semester:

Grade change forms are available in the counseling center for students that need to change classes. Students have one week to turn these forms in to the counselors. I would like the majority of changes to be completed by the second week, in order to avoid missing time in their new classes. 

We are encouraging students in grades 10-12 to consider taking the ASVAB test when offered this semester. Besides being used by the military, this test is an excellent tool that identifies student strengths and aptitudes that would be beneficial in choosing college and career paths. There is no obligation to the military when taking this test.

I would like to encourage as many students as possible to consider taking AP tests when offered. Doing well in these exams can help students in getting into the college of their choice. Some AP exams are also offered in Spanish, and I would encourage our Spanish speaking students to take these exams as well.

Construction is coming along smoothly in Phase 1 of the Bond Projects. The parking lot near the football field is already complete, and the parking lot on Cloudview will be completed in late January or early February. Upgrades to the new upper fields are also underway and due to be completed soon. Bidding for the construction project of B Building is due this month, and once the contract is awarded, demolition and construction will begin. In April begins the process of installing new turf on our stadium field, as well as a new track. These projects are due to be completed by August. Demolition of the old custodian house behind the cafeteria will begin in the next couple of months, in order to begin construction of a parent drop off loop in that area of the school. The completion of that project, however, will not be done for several months.

I would like to invite parents to Coffee with the Principal the last Thursday of each month. This enables me to gather much needed input from parents, and I look forward to the wonderful discussions that we have been having.

Thank you again for your support, and I encourage everyone to be as active in our school as possible. Thanks again to our incredible PTSA! Have a wonderful Spring semester!

Marc Escareno, Principal, Coronado High School

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