PSAT/SAT School Day

October 16, 2019 is PSAT / SAT School Day for EPISD. The following information is useful for both parents and students to know as we prepare for this exciting process.

• Students are assigned to the test that matches their grade level as of 9/12/19. Freshman will take the PSAT 9; Sophomores will take the regular PSAT; Juniors will take the PSAT for National Merit Scholarship Qualification [NMSQT], and Seniors will take the SAT.

• Students may bring their own calculator. If a student does not own his / her own calculator, one may be borrowed / checked out through a Math teacher prior to the day of the test. Math teachers will not be available to loan calculators on the day of the test, and the test administrators will not have extras.

• Electronic devices will need to be powered off and put away [in a backpack or handed to the testing administrator in the room] during the entire experience. This includes cell phones, smart watches, laptops, tablets, etc.

• Mechanical pencils are not allowed during this test, but students may bring their “lucky” standard number 2 pencil. Otherwise, one will be provided.

• Each test has a couple short breaks; therefore, you may want to send your student with a small snack that does not need to be refrigerated. [These will need to be left out during the testing as there is no access to backpacks, bookbags, etc.]

• We want test administrators to begin promptly at 8:45, so please encourage your student(s) to arrive at the assigned testing room(s) by 8:30. [Room locators will be posted around campus.]

Jennifer Ehrlich